Animal Ethics   

Animals in Classrooms 

Animals kept in classrooms must be treated in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 1985 

The following must be taken into consideration: 

  • Animal house design, construction and equipment 
  • Correct feeding and holiday care 
  • Detection of stress and pain in animals 
  • Handling and restraint of small animals 
  • The permit system for keeping and selling of protected animals 
  • Benefits, Management & Husbandry of Animals in Colleges 

Whole animals will not be dissected at the College. Offal may be dissected at the College if the animal was killed for consumption.  


For safety reasons, members of the College Community are not permitted to bring animals onto College grounds or to College events, unless they are restrained in a vehicle (guide dogs and service dogs are the exception).   

This includes: 

  • The College car park and grounds (eg drop off and pick up of students) 
  • All College activities and events, including those on the oval and at external venues  
  • All sports practices and events 
  • ‘Show and Tell’ of pets to an individual or group of students, or to students travelling to or from the College. 

Refer to Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources  for more information on Animal Welfare. 

Refer to DC037 Animal and Pet Policy