• Student attendance is compulsory on all school days, including camps, excursions, special events and other curriculum related activities.  Parents should not permit students to miss school except in cases of emergency and/or illness.  
  • The College should be advised of the reason for all student absences.   
  • Absences notified by parents to Administration by phone message or email are recorded electronically and are accessible to staff. Students with unexplained absences will have an SMS sent to parents on the day of absence.   
  • If a student returns to the College with no explanation regarding the absence, Caregivers may be contacted by a staff member via email or telephone. If it is not possible for a caregiver to contact the College, a email or letter to the teacher is required. 
  • If a student arrives late they must first report to Administration to sign in and collect a late slip. 
  • Parents planning to take a student out of school for an extended period (ie a week or more) or travelling overseas are required to give advance notice in writing to the College Principal and a form completed and signed prior to this occurring, this is a government requirement. (Please see Administration to obtain the relevant form).  
  • Upon return from any absence, it is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to approach the teacher(s) and to seek the relevant information concerning the work missed. 
  • Year 12 students leaving the campus after their last lesson, before the normal College dismissal time, are required to sign out at Administration. 
  • Prolonged and/or frequent unexplained absences are reported to the HOS to resolve or the Principal who may, at his/her discretion, make a report to the DECD Attendance Officer. 
  • Overseas and prolonged student absences require  an Application for Exemption Form A  to be submitted by the parent  and approved by the College Principal prior to leave being taken.  This form is available from College Administration. 

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DC038 Student Attendance Policy 

Flexibility for Year 11 and 12 students 

  • Year 11 and 12 students are required to attend all scheduled classes 
  • Home Room is compulsory for all Year 12 students who have a scheduled class in Lesson 1 or Lesson 2.  Where a student’s first lesson of the day is Lesson 3 or afterwards, students are permitted to arrive in time for commencement of their scheduled lesson. 
  • Year 12 students are permitted to leave after their last lesson of the day. 
  • When a Year 12 student arrives later than 8.30am or leave before 3.10pm they must sign in/out at Student Administration. 
  • If a Year 12 student has work that is overdue they will lose this flexibility.  
  • Students are not permitted to leave the College during the day between scheduled lessons. 
  • Assemblies and Christian Living lessons are compulsory for Year 12 students. 
  • Students that have a lesson scheduled at lunchtime are able to negotiate a flexible timetable with the Head of Senior School. 

Refer to DC038 Student Attendance Policy 

Student Supervision 

  • Students are not permitted in classrooms before school, during recess and lunch breaks, or after school without a teacher present to supervise, unless a prior arrangement is in place. 
  • Yard supervision is provided by teachers as follows: 
  • Before school students are confined to the Junior Quadrangle areas from 7.45, Reception courtyard and Senior School toilets 8.00am and oval from 8.15am. These areas are supervised. 
  • Teachers are rostered for yard supervision during recess and lunch breaks. 
  • After College, supervision is provided in the Junior Quadrangle and pick-up lane from 3.10 to 3.30pm. 
  • Teachers on yard duty are equipped with basic first aid supplies and a Ventolin inhaler for the emergency treatment of asthma. 
  • Students onsite outside of yard duty times will be registered with our Out of School Hours Service for supervision, charges will apply and families will be notified.

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Use of Rugby Oval (Years 3-6) 


Students are encouraged to use the toilets at recess and lunch breaks. 

If students need to use the facilities during learning times, the following protocol should be used: 

Year Level Protocol 
Foundation to Year 4 Students take another student from their class with them. 
Year 5 to 12 Students must seek permission from their teacher.  

Adults are only permitted to use toilet facilities available in the Staff Room and at College Administration and not use student toilets. 

Students from Foundation to Year 6 are to consume food and drinks with their class at the designated times under the supervision of the class teacher. This may be outside. 

  • While supervising, teachers are encouraged to eat their lunch at the same time as students. 
  • Parents are encouraged to provide students with healthy food for recess and lunch.  The College canteen operates most days for food orders, ordering is available via the QKR app prior to 8am each day.  
  • Parents and students are encouraged to pack lunches with minimal packaging. 
  • Students are to bring suitable containers to take home all rubbish, including food scraps. 
  • Primary students need to bring fruit or vegetables for ‘Fruit Time’ each day.  Knives are not kept in classrooms, students must bring fruit or vegetables already cut up, if required. 
  • Food provided by parents must be in packaging that students can open independently. 
  • The sharing of food is not permitted. 
  • It is important that serious food allergies are specified on the student medical form updated at the beginning of each year.  Class teachers should also be advised of serious allergies. 
  • F-11 students are not permitted to bring food that requires hot water or warming as microwaves and ovens are not available. 
  • Year 12 students may use the kitchen facility in the Year 12 Hub however must clean and stack their own dishes and remove all rubbish. 
  • Cutlery is to be provided by parents if required. 
  • Students are not permitted to order food online or leave College grounds to purchase food.
  • Portlife Church provide a College canteen. Information on which days this operates, their menu and how to order is available via downloading the QKR app/Portside Christian College.   

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Use of Rugby Oval (Years 3-6)