Budgets and Purchasing

When staff want to purchase an item you need to have it approved by your Learning Area Leader or Head of School, using the Purchasing Form.  On the back of the Purchasing Form is a summary of the process you should take to purchase an item.  Some additional points to note:

  • There is only one credit card, kept by the Business Manager
  • When you are purchasing by invoice, you should try to use a Purchase Order wherever possible.  A Purchase Order is very useful as:
    • It provides you with a way of tracking your purchases.
    • If you use a Purchase Order, many companies will be willing for you to receive your goods/items prior to paying for them.  A list of all the companies we have an account with already (i.e. that will allow us to use Purchase Orders) is in the Budgets folder.
  • When giving the Finance Office your Purchasing Form, make sure all of your invoices, receipts and/or Purchase Orders are attached and forms are signed. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  • All items purchased must be able to be accounted for and signed off by the relevant budget coordinator.
  • An electronic copy of College Forms can be found on the network Teacher Workroom/Forms

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