Camps, Excursions and Special Programs


  • Camps are held annually for Year 5 to 12 students.
  • Camps/special programs are a compulsory part of the curriculum and costs are included in College Fees.
  • Parents will be advised of camp details prior to the camp.
  • Students may be excluded from a camp for behavioural issues.
  • Students attending camps are always accompanied by the number of adults required by the College’s Camps, Excursions and Incursions Policy.
  • A student may be sent home from camp for a serious breach of behaviour, with the cost borne by parents.

Excursions and Incursions

  • Classes may sometimes take a short walk to a nearby site outside the College grounds as part of a learning activity.  Parental consent is not required for these activities. Sites that can be visited without parental consent include Patungga (Mangroves) and the adjacent amphitheatre, the Port River, and the Port Adelaide District Athletics Club, all of which are within a short walking distance of the College.
  • Excursions/incursions are an integral part of the curriculum and are seen as an important means of broadening students’ understanding and experience.  All students are expected to participate in excursions, unless absent due to illness or injury. 
  • Parents will be required to sign an Annual Excursion/Incursion permission form at the start of Term 1.
  • When an excursion has been arranged, parents will be provided with the relevant information in writing.  Appropriate levels of adult supervision will be organised by the College for all excursions.
  • Students involved in excursions usually travel by College bus, chartered bus or train.