College Houses

College House System

  • All students are placed in one of four College Houses:
House NameNamed AfterHouse Colour
McIntyreMargaret McIntyre, co-founder of the College and the first College PrincipalGreen
RidleyPastor John Ridley, co-founder of the CollegeRed
HarrisPastor Leo Harris, founder of CRC Churches International (Portlife Church’s denomination)Yellow
MilnePastor Neil Milne, former Pastor of Portlife ChurchBlue
  • Siblings are placed in the same College House.
  • Students may earn points towards their house and a House Trophy is awarded to the highest scoring house at the end of each year.
  • House Captains are elected from Years 11 and 12. They wear house colour braid on their College blazer.
  • House tops are available from the Uniform Shop or via email to