A properly worn uniform:

  • Will enhance the College image and student pride in the College
  • Is an indicator of a good College tone
  • Helps students identify with the College community
  • Allows the wider community to identify students from the College
  • Diminishes fashion competitiveness and superficial differences

The College has standards of uniform and grooming to which all students are expected to conform.  Parents, in enrolling their child, indicate their agreement with and support of the College’s position. This includes maintaining a high standard of uniform by providing correct uniform items and ensuring their child wears the correct uniform each day, clean, neatly worn and in good repair. 

A student in College uniform, or involved in any activity associated with the College, is representing the College.  This includes excursions and travelling to and from the College.  Students are therefore required to dress accordingly. Students will not be permitted to attend the activity if not dressed correctly.

If a student is unable to wear any item of College uniform a written explanation must be presented to the class teacher on that day.  The uniform infringement must be rectified immediately when possible or purchased within one week or as agreed.

College Uniform Requirements

For uniform details, please refer to College Uniform Requirements

On days where uniform is not required, students are permitted to wear neat, modest casual clothes. In the interest of sun safety, all tops must cover the shoulders. The following clothing is not permitted – onesies, slogans, ripped or torn clothing, thongs or similar, ‘short’ shorts, sleeveless tops.  Leggings may be worn with an appropriate long top.  Clothes should not reveal the midriff.  All grooming standards and consequences outlined in the College Uniform Requirements document apply.

Sport Uniform

  • A student’s sport uniform must comply with the uniform requirements and be worn for all PE activities and when advised by the teacher (for example in CALM lessons).  A written explanation from parents is required if the correct uniform cannot be worn.
  • Sport shoes must be worn for all PE activities.

Uniform Sales

  • The College Uniform is supplied by Midfords, in order to provide a cost saving to parents and to maintain a high standard of student attire.
  • All uniform items must be purchased from the College (except for shoes and the Year 12 Commemorative Jumper).
  • Each year, Administration advertise times for the purchase and collection of uniforms for the start of the year. 

Online Ordering

  • New users – click the ‘register new account’ button and add the unique school pass phrase “Portside1976” along with personal information, create a username and password.
  • Order items required and select pick-up instore (school) or option for home delivery.

Returns and Second hand uniform

  • Uniform Return Policy – uniform can be returned to the College for an exchange within 30 days from the date of purchase with tags still attached. Any price differences between uniform costs must be paid.
  • Uniforms which are no longer required can be donated to the College to assist other families or sold privately.
  • For further information, please contact portside@midford.com.au

For opening hours, how to order and price list details, please refer to the College Website.

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