In our modern life of swapping between our mobile phone, iPad, laptop and desktop, keeping track of our data can be a challenge! Modern browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox try and help you out by offering to save passwords and bookmarks so they follow you between all your different devices. Normally this is really helpful, however when you have different family members using the same devices under the same account, sometimes their data can become tangled. For example, family members could have passwords and bookmarks mixed up together.

The best way to make sure that your children’s data and your data remain separate is to create different user accounts on the devices. So, for example, when each family member wants to use the laptop, each person logs into the laptop under their own name and unique password. In Windows 10, Mac OS and Chrome OS, this is quite easy to manage.

For helpful guides for creating different accounts for your family, follow these links:

Windows 10 – Setup Accounts

macOS Sierra: Set up users, guests, and groups on your Mac

Chrome OS: Add a person to your Chromebook

Photo by Dlanor S on Unsplash

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