Building Security

The cleaners ensure the security of buildings each day, this can only be effective if all staff are off site by 6.30pm each day.

If staff intend to work past 6pm, please write your name and expected time of departure on the board in the hallway of College Administration so cleaning staff are aware of staff on site and will not alarm the premises.

Staff who are last to leave must make it their responsibility to secure the College – doors locked, gates locked, electrical appliances switched off, alarms on etc.

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  • The College utilises a ticket system for logging maintenance requests. 
  • To lodge a ticket for maintenance requests, go to and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top left hand menu bar.  Use you College email to complete this process and click on the emailed link to verify.
  • Please enter the location of maintenance required in the ‘title’ field and a brief description of work required in the ‘content’ field. 
  • All tickets are assessed, prioritised and actioned as soon as possible.
  • Individual ticket progress can be monitored by logging back into the portal where the status of logged items is visible.
  • Maintenance staff respond to tickets lodged in order of priority provided by the Business Manager, regular toolbox meetings are held to review the status of current ticket items.  

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  • Furniture needs are to be discussed with your line manager for suitability and a Deputy Principal to source.
  • Repair requests are forwarded via the College ticket system, refer to Maintenance for information on how to undertake this.

Personal Items and Valuables

  • Staff are welcome to use their own personal items and/or equipment (eg laptop computers, audio visual equipment).  In this case, staff need to be aware that:
    • The College accepts no responsibility and does not provide insurance cover for these items.  Staff should ensure that such items are adequately covered by their own personal insurance.
    • Any electrical items need an electrical tag check.  Staff can contact the LRC Coordinator to request this check.
  • Staff may borrow College equipment for use at home.  Such items are covered by the College’s insurance policy.  Items should be borrowed through the College’s booking system or by request to the Principal or Deputy Principal.  Items must be kept in a secure place when removed from the campus.

Room Bookings

  • Bookings and room changes are managed through the Daily Organiser. College and Church facilities are resources required to be booked to ensure availability at the requested time.
    • Trade Training Centre Rooms (Rooms 36-38 – when not timetabled for lesson use)
    • Church Auditorium
    • Church Kitchen
    • Church Foyer and Deck area (this area must be booked for all events at the College where carpark access to the auditorium is required)
  • Other areas available for booking through an Outlook Meeting request include:
    • Learning Resource Centre – request will be approved through Resource Coordinator

(a booking sheet is also available on the library office door)

  • Principal’s Office – request will be approved through College Principal PA

Lighting, Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Lights are to be turned off during recess and lunch times and at the end of the day.
  • Heaters may be left on at recess time on cold days however not to over-heat rooms as this can cause students to become drowsy and feel unwell.
  • Air conditioners should be set to 23°C in summer.  Each degree under this consumes up to 10% more energy at significant cost.  Doors are to be kept closed to keep room temperature constant and to help the air conditioner work effectively.
  • At the end of each day, air conditioning units are to be switched off, windows closed and locked and blinds are closed.


  • Teachers are responsible for general room tidiness and maintenance.
  • General purpose classrooms areas are vacuumed or mopped regularly by the cleaners.
  • Staff should advise students to place chairs on desks on the days cleaning occurs.
  • All teachers are requested to ensure that teaching areas are left neat and tidy at the end of each day, and the floor is clear of rubbish.  The areas must also be uncluttered, making it easily accessible to cleaning staff. The classroom teacher may choose to allocate appropriate cleaning tasks to monitors on a rostered basis.
  • Classroom bins are emptied regularly by cleaning staff.
  • When carpets are steam cleaned teachers are requested to move all student desks, chairs and other light furniture to one side of the room.  For Work Health Safety reasons desks should not be stacked unless you have help to do so.  The floor space should be left as clear as possible.
  • At the end of the year all shelving should be neat and clean with walls removed of blu-tack and tapes.