Human Resources

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Working outside of regular College hours policy

Hours of Work

Staff Hours of work are 8:00am – 4:06 pm (a 38 hour week, 7.6hr day/5 days per week) unless their contract or employment conditions differ.

Teachers and Coordinators should be available during these hours for discussion with other staff and with parents.

Staff are to arrange for suitable childcare during work hours. For security and professional reasons, staff are asked to settle their children prior to 8:00 am and before 4:06 pm so they are able to attend to their professional responsibilities and be available for professional conversations with parents, peers and leaders.

Overtime is only paid to staff where this has been approved by the Principal prior to undertaking the work required and is deemed additional hours outside of regular paid hours. 

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Working from home

At times staff may be required to work from home to deliver online learning to students.

To assist with ensuring a safe working environment is maintained, staff are requested to complete and forward the Working from Home Checklist and sign off

When working from home current policies and procedures still apply, including Staff Code of Conduct and Dress Code.  For more information, please refer to your College Handbook and the Procedure for staff working from home

The College utilises Microsoft Teams to deliver online learning which supports our Learning Management System SEQTA for curriculum delivery.  Some hint sheets are available on How to set up Microsoft Teams and Tips for Microsoft Teams.


Staff are entitled to leave in accordance with their individual contracts and as outlined in Portside Christian College Enterprise Agreement 2017

Staff who are going to be late for work or need to leave early, should discuss with their line manager prior to their absence where possible and notify the Daily Organiser to arrange any required cover.

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Payroll and Xero

Staff payroll information is generated through Xero with payslips emailed to staff.  Payslips include include pay rate and leave balance details, long service leave details are available on request.

For more information, please contact

Employment Outside of College

Staff must gain approval in writing from the Principal if staff are seeking any additional paid employment outside of the College. Consideration will be given to the impact it will have on their ability to perform their duties at the College along with any potential for conflict of interest. For more information, see the Educational Services (Teachers) Award.

Other Employees (e.g. Part Time, Casual, Contract)

Staff must advise the Principal of any other paid employment staff have outside of the College.

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Professional Learning

Each professional is responsible for their own professional learning however, the College supports this with a planned and strategic approach aligned with the College Strategic Plan.  Staff are requested to forward a summary of professional learning undertaken on a Professional Learning Record Master for their College Employment record to the HR Manager.

Professional Learning should be completed in as much detail as possible and aligned with the College Strategic Plan where appropriate.  Applications should be made using the Application for Professional Learning V1.1 and must be signed off by each of the relevant signatories prior to this being booked.

All staff are encouraged to seek professional learning opportunities in line with their current role and responsibilities and discuss these with their line manager or Director of Teaching and Learning.

The Director of Teaching and Learning, along with the Executive, are responsible for the professional learning program and budget.

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Appraisal and Review

Teachers will participate in an annual review of their performance based on the appropriate AITSL Professional Standards.

The goal is continuous improvement.

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Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL)

Devotions and Meeting Attendance 

  • All staff, unless on duty, are to attend Staff Devotions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 – 8:10 am
  • The Principal will lead Devotions each Monday and staff will be rostered on each Wednesday.  Each Friday will be a shared devotion with the topic of ‘Thankful Friday’
  • ELC will hold a combined Devotions each Friday at 8am.

Staff Room

The Staff Room is a place for collaboration and relaxation. Staff members are encouraged to use the staff room to meet colleagues and to check their pigeon holes daily.

The staff room is not to be used for parent or student meetings as this is a shared staff space.

Confidentiality and Privacy

  • The privacy of students, parents and colleagues should be respected at all times.
  • Discussions about students with the Principal or another teacher should be held in private, that is, not within the earshot of students, parents or other staff.  For example, it is not appropriate to discuss students with other teachers over lunch.
  • Staff should not discuss other staff member’s children with them while the staff member is at work (ie in the staff room or kitchen).  Instead an appointment should be made to speak with them after hours.  If possible, it is preferred that the child’s other parent (if applicable) is spoken to instead. 
  • Confidential and/or sensitive documentation must be stored or disposed of in a manner that protects the privacy of the individual.  Confidential documents can be left with Administration for disposing.

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On-site Identification and Security

Staff are to:

  • Wear their name badge when on campus.
  • Check any adult on campus without appropriate identification.
  • Ensure any attending visitors, sign in at the front desk on arrival, sign out when leaving and wear the identification lanyard provided whilst on site.
  • Ensure gates remain locked during school hours.
  • Store personal belongings and valuables appropriately.
  • Keep College provided device secure to mitigate risk of damage or unauthorised access.
  • Be aware of the Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Surveillance within the College and the related policy regarding this.

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Working outside of regular College hours policy

Yard Duty and Cover

  • Teachers will be given scheduled yard duty and will be expected to cover classes from time to time. This is managed by the Daily Organiser.
  • The current Yard Duty roster is available on Google Drive and maintained by the Daily Organiser.
  • When necessary, teachers may be asked to cover a class when the timetabled teacher is unavailable due to illness or for other reasons.
  • Every effort is made to spread the load fairly across the teaching staff.
  • Additional time available from a Temporary Relief Teacher will be offered back to teachers.
  • Staff may be asked to take up to 3 relief lessons each term. If more is required, then it will be discussed how time is made up.
  • The scheduling of meetings should occur outside class times where possible to minimise the times teachers are taken out of the classroom teaching.

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Grievance and Restoration

The Conflict resolution and grievance policy and procedure provides information for dealing with staff grievances. Staff may also refer to the Discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment policy.

Parent grievance procedures are outlined in the Handling complaints policy.

The Student Grievance Procedure and Trade Training Centre Grievance policy outline procedures for dealing with student grievances.

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Illicit Substances

Staff are not permitted to be on College grounds while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

If a staff member is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on College grounds they will be asked to leave immediately.  An investigation process will follow along with a disciplinary process, if appropriate.

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GEN19 Staff Code of Conduct

Communication with Staff

The responsibility of a staff member is to be on task and not on the phone during school hours unless it is specifically College related business.

  • During lessons, mobile phone calls and text messaging should be limited to College related matters or urgent personal business and should not impact negatively on professional responsibilities and attention to students or teacher tasks.
  • If a staff member calls a person outside the College (eg a parent) and the person doesn’t answer, the staff member needs to email and tell them who they were trying to call.  This way, when the person calls back, Administration will know how to direct their call.
  • Messages will be taken by Administration staff for calls received for teaching staff during lesson times.  Messages will be emailed.  In an emergency, the staff member concerned will be contacted immediately.