Information Technology and Devices

Electronic Devices Brought to the College

  • Electronics devices include, but are not limited to:
    • Mobile phones
    • iPods/iPads/Apple watches
    • Media players
    • Gaming devices (such as DS and other consoles)
    • Digital cameras and other photographic devices
    • Video and sound recording devices
  • Junior School students are not permitted to bring any electronic devices on College grounds.
  • Middle and Senior School students are permitted to bring electronic devices to the College. Conditions apply, see Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or placed on silent during the school day. In Years 7 – 10 mobile phones will be collected at the start of each school day, placed in protective pouches and stored in College Administration.
  • Year 11 and 12 students may have their mobile phones on silent and able to access their phones during Pastoral Care time only, with teacher permission. Phones will be confiscated if noticed by a teacher at any other time. 
  • Earphones are not permitted to be worn unless this is required during lessons under teacher direction only, exemptions are in place for Year 12 students (during break times only) and students with written learning support requirements
  • All electronic devices brought to school are solely the responsibility of the student. The College will not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage of mobile phones or any other electronic, equipment or information stored on these devices.
  • Unless approved by the College, the taking of photos and/or videos on College grounds or on the College Bus (including chartered transport) is strictly prohibited.
  • All breaches will be taken seriously and the device will be confiscated immediately.  The Head of School and Principal will determine further consequences.
  • For educational purposes, a personal electronic device may be utilised with permission of the subject teacher.
  • Trade Training Centre students will follow the guidelines for using technology outlined in Mobile Phone and Electronic Devices Policy.

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  • Digital and video cameras are available from the Library.
  • Bookings should be made to ensure availability.
  • Cameras must be returned immediately after use to ensure they are available for others.

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