Library – Learning Resources

Students and Parents

  • The Library has a comprehensive range of resources for use by staff, students and parents.
  • All students are encouraged to borrow regularly from the Library. 
  • Parents are also encouraged to borrow from the Parent Library or general collection. 
  • ELC, Foundation and new Year 1 to 6 students should use a College library bag to transport resources to and from the Library in their library bags and will not be permitted to borrow without it.
  • Students are encouraged to borrow age-appropriate texts from the levelled collections.

Borrowing Times

  • The Library is open for borrowing each morning from 8.20am to 8.50am and in the afternoon from 3.00-3.20pm.  Parents are welcome to assist Junior Primary students with book selection and borrowing before and after school or to borrow from the Parent Library Collection.
  • Borrowing is also carried out during weekly library lessons for Foundation to Year 5 students. 
  • The Library is open several recess or lunch times each week for JS, MS and SS students for quiet activities.
  • Senior students may work quietly in the Library during their allocated study periods.

Loan Restrictions

  • There are limits for each year level which allow for textbook and recreational reading loans
  • Additional items can be borrowed for the holidays at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3.
  • No borrowing is permitted during the Christmas holidays due to stocktake.

Borrowing Period

  • Resources are usually borrowed for a two-week period (other than text books); however, students may change their books more often if they wish.
  • Some items are placed on restricted loan (eg overnight, two days) if they are in heavy demand.
  • Students may have borrowing restrictions if they have overdue items.
  • Parents may borrow DVDs for two weeks and books for a period of four weeks.

Care of Resources

  • It is expected that students will take good care of Library LRC resources, text books and readers on loan to them.
  • If an item is damaged it is to be returned to the Library as soon as possible with a note.  Repairs are not to be attempted at home.
  • Payment is requested when:
    • A resource is still missing after six weeks
    • A resource is known to have been lost
    • A resource is damaged through student negligence

Student Resources

  • Middle and Senior School students are issued with several text resources at the beginning of each year, with additional texts during the year. 
  • Students must take care of their text books.  This includes:
    • Returning the text books by the due date
    • Returning the text books in the same condition they were issued
    • Returning the same text books that were issued to them
  • To ensure text books are returned in good condition, the student’s name is recorded in each text book, along with the condition of the book when it was issued.


  • Age appropriate bibles are made available to students in the classroom or through a text book loan.

Selection Criteria

  • Selection criteria are used as a guide in choosing readers and resources for the classroom and the Library.
  • While not all books can be read prior to acquisition, resources are selected with care. Books are chosen to support the curriculum, encourage an appreciation of literature, reflect the Christian ethos of the College and to teach discernment. Consideration is given to the age of the targeted student year level with regard to language, violence and other content.
  • Non-fiction books are chosen to support curriculum topics and provide information on subjects of interest to students. Books which present scientific theories which may not be consistent with Christian belief, if chosen, are often labelled with a disclaimer, drawing the issue to the attention of students.
  • Fiction books are generally more difficult to assess for suitability. The purpose of books selected will be to instruct or entertain but not to frighten. Books will be encouraging students to develop their imagination and help them differentiate between fantasy and reality. They will not be sensationally violent or inherently dark or evil. The source of ‘magic’ in books is a consideration with fantasy stories or characters. Books for Junior School students will be free from bad language and occult influences (séances, astrology, ghosts, vampires). Good will generally triumph over evil.
  • Books which contain pornographic images or concepts, contain excessive or sensational violence, ridicule Christianity, show God as weaker than any other supernatural power or unrealistically portray Christian life will be rejected.
  • Books to support Senior School students are often prescribed by the SACE Board and may not follow these criteria.
  • Parents are able to challenge selected resources via a process through the Library. Parents are asked to complete a form and the resource will then undergo a review process.

Literacy Programs

  • The Library is involved in several programs which encourage students to read including the Premier’s Reading Challenge, Book Week and National Simultaneous Storytime.

Books Brought from Home

  • Students bringing reading material to the College for silent or recreational reading may only bring books which meet the Library’s Selection Criteria, summarised above. 

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