Governance Structure

The College is a ministry of Portlife Church.  The Eldership of Portlife Church are the Directors of the College, providing the College with spiritual and strategic direction.  The College has its own constitution and is governed by a College Board which is comprised of the Senior Pastor of Portlife Church (Board Chairman), six members appointed by the College Association, the College Principal (non-voting) and the Business Manager (non-voting).

Organisational Framework – Schooling by Design

The College has adopted the 5 Levels of Schooling by Design[1] as its organisational framework. This is a mission driven focus and everything we do is designed to fulfil the Portside Christian College Purpose to Equip Students for Life.

Level 5Administration, Allocation of Resources, Policies
Level 4People and Culture
Level 3Teaching and Learning
Level 2Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
Level 1Purpose and Learning Principles

All major projects are designed backwards from intended goals to determine the success criteria that are aligned with the Purpose (mission) of the College, prior to determining the required action.

More details can be found on the Portside Christian College 2019-23 Strategic Plan

College Structure

The College is structured as follows:

Early YearsEarly Learning CentrePre-school and Kindergarten (Ages 3 to 5)
PrimaryJunior School
Primary School
Foundation to Year 2
Year 3 to Year 6
SecondaryMiddle School
Senior School
Trade Training Centre
Year 7 to Year  9
Year 10 to Year 12
Year 11 to Year 12

Enrolment Policy

There is an extensive enrolment process which follows the College Enrolment Policy, including completion of Application Forms and an interview with the Principal.

Preference is given to students where at least one of the parents is a Christian who is active in a local church.

Enrolments are not automatic – the Principal and Deputy Principals must be in agreement, and this comes sometimes after prayerful consideration of the family’s circumstances.

All parents are expected to abide by the Conditions of Enrolment


Employment of staff is undertaken in line with the College Recruitment Policy

Opportunities for employment are externally advertised as they arise and are also made available via the Portside Christian College Website

All positions require the completion of a College Application Form, available on the College Website under the Careers heading.

Applications should be forwarded to the College Principal at


[1] Wiggins and McTighe (2007). Schooling By Design: Mission, Action, and Achievement ASCD.