Letters to Parents

  • Hard copy documentation sent home to families must be approved by the Principal before it is sent.  This is to ensure any documentation viewed by parents has the endorsement of the College.
  • Correspondence should be forwarded to administration for processing, allow 5 working days for preparation and distribution.
  • Emails to parents are able to be forwarded by teachers directly through SEQTA
  • All documentation forwarded home to families is uploaded to SEQTA Engage to enable parental access.

College Style Guide

Correspondence forwarded and use of the College logo must follow the College Style Guide

College Templates and Forms

All templates and forms are available to staff on the network under Teacher Workroom/Forms

Teacher Parent Relationships

  • It is important to be sensitive and diplomatic when relating to parents.  Teachers who are experiencing difficulty in their communication with families should refer the matter to their Deputy Principal.
  • Teachers should exercise discernment when contacting parents regarding a student.  If appropriate, teachers should inform their Deputy Principal of the relevant details in advance.

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