Parent Communication

Parent Teacher Conferences and Meetings

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are coordinated by the Deputies and Directors for each area.
  • Parents should not approach teachers when they have students under their care.
  • If a parent wishes to meet with a teacher on any issue, parents should make an appointment by emailing the teacher directly or via College Administration.
  • When booking an appointment, it is helpful if parents can indicate what they want to discuss so teachers can be prepared.
  • It is not appropriate for parents to contact teachers out of College hours or via social media.

Letters to Parents

  • All documentation forwarded home to families is uploaded to SEQTA Engage to enable parental access.

Parent Grievance Procedures

  • If a parent has a grievance against a student in the College they must address the home class teacher of the student concerned or the Head of School.  In no circumstances may a parent express their grievance directly to the student or their parent.
  • If a parent has a grievance against an adult member of the College Community (eg a staff member) please address your concerns with that person directly in a reasonable manner.
  • If there is no resolution of the matter, the matter can be discussed with the Deputy Principal or Principal.  If the grievance is against the Principal, the matter can be discussed with the College Board Chairman.
  • The College Handling Complaints Policy is available to parents and students on the College Website under the Policies heading.

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  • A College diary will not be issued in 2021 as this has been replaced by our Learning Management System (SEQTA). This will become the primary medium of communication between home and school and between teachers and students.

Newsletters and Notices

  • A link to the fortnightly College newsletter will be emailed to staff and parents.
  • The College regularly sends notices, letters and forms home with students and makes these available on SEQTA Engage.
  • The newsletter is an important means of communication between the College and home.
  • Articles and photos after an event/excursion and can be emailed to

Website and SEQTA Engage

  • The College website is
  • The website is managed on site and includes information for current and prospective families.
  • The College community have access to information regarding day to day operations (notices sent home, newsletters etc) from SEQTA Engage.
  • For more information on how to access information via SEQTA Engage, please email

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