Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends Group

The Parents and Friends Committee meets with the College Principal at least once a term to discuss opportunities for involvement and support of College activities.

Parent Involvement

  • Parent involvement in the College is encouraged.  Many parents with special skills are willing to share them however usually wait to be asked. 
  • Please check with the HR Manager or volunteer coordinator before requesting individual parents for help.
  • If a parent would like to volunteer (either at their own request or at a staff member’s request), staff should direct them to Administration.  Administration will ask them to complete the volunteer induction process.
  • This process needs to be followed for any type of involvement, including volunteering at a fundraiser, reading in class and going on excursions.
  • Volunteer inductions are conducted each term, please remind parents to obtain their clearance early to avoid disappointment in being unable to attend excursions or coach sporting teams.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Please ensure your class volunteers sign in and out at Administration and wear identification provided by the College whilst on site.

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