Book and Stationery Requirements 

Students in Foundation to Year 6 are provided all the basic stationery they require for the academic year as part of their College Fees.  This stationery is provided to students on the first day of Term 1 each year. 

Students in Year 7 to 12 are provided a list through Campion Education of stationery to purchase. Stationery ordered through Campion is paid for by families and delivered to student’s homes before the first day of Term 1 each year. 

Text Books 

Students may receive textbooks as part of a class set.  Where textbooks are not provided, parents will be expected to purchase. 

Lockers, Bags and Organisation  


F-6 students are provided with a locker or hook either inside or nearby their classroom.


Years 7 – 12 students are issued a locker at the start of the year, with a key or code lock. The key needs to be returned to the Pastoral Care teacher at the end of year otherwise a $10 fee will apply.  Pastoral Care Teachers will record the number of the locker and the key/lock on distribution and keep in a safe location. When the key/lock is returned, Pastoral Care Teachers will record this on the list which is to be returned to the Head of School at the end of the year. 

All students are to be ready with required equipment by the commencement of Pastoral Care class and Devotions. 

Students are never to access another student’s locker or desk materials without permission. 

For hygiene and sustainability reasons, any food and/or drinks or rubbish must be taken home at the end of each day. 

Lockers may be checked by teachers to ensure they are kept well organised and clean. 

Students must be organised for each lesson block by the time the lesson commences; they are not to access their locker between lessons. 

Students are not permitted to carry College bags between lessons.  All College bags are to be stored in lockers.  

Student Mobile Phones  


Primary students are not permitted to bring electronic devices to the College. This includes devices with mobile phone capability, any devices brought to school must be handed in to College Administration for the duration of the school day. 


Students from Years 7 to 10 hand in mobile phones and electronic devices each morning which are stored safely. Students will collect these at the end of the day. 

  • Mobile phones of Years 11 and 12 students need to remain on silent during the day and are not to be accessed during lessons. 
  • Mobile phones are not permitted on camps and excursions, unless permission is granted by the Principal. 
  • Students are not permitted to use personal electronic devices to photograph College activities, surroundings, students or other members of the College Community during College activities. 
  • Photographs are not to be taken or uploaded on social media from personal devices. 

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Student Internet Usage 

  • Teachers and parents should carefully monitor students as they are using the internet to ensure they do not access or view inappropriate material. 
  • If a student does access or view inappropriate material, even by accident, the student or teacher should report it to the Deputy Principal. 

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Family Zone for Portside Christian College 

Sport Equipment 

  • Sport equipment is allocated to year levels for fitness and play times. 
  • Middle and Senior School students may bring their own equipment for play times. 
  • Teachers can arrange additional sports equipment with the Head of Sport. 


  • Students may bring toys to school that are age appropriate and align with College values. 
  • The use of toys is to support the wellbeing of students which is monitored and managed by teachers.  
  • Students who bring personal belongings to the College do so at their own risk and the College will not take responsibility for their loss or damage. 
  • Students may not access toys during teaching time. 
  • Toys brought out during teaching time may be confiscated for a period of time. 


  • If it is necessary for a student to bring a valuable item or a large sum of money to the College, it should be handed to Administration for safe keeping. 
  • Under no circumstances should valuables or large sums of money be left in students’ bags or lockers. 
  • The College accepts no responsibility for any money or personal item that is brought to the College by a student and is subsequently lost, broken or damaged. 
  • Student Laptops must be locked in lockers when not in use during break times. 

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Buying, Selling, or Swapping of Items 

  • Students are not to be involved in buying, selling or swapping of items, unless approved by the College. 

Lost Property 

  • Parents are requested to write a student’s full name (not just initials) on all items, such as clothing, bags, lunchboxes and water bottles, so that they can be easily returned to the student if they are misplaced. 
  • The Lost Property cupboard is located at the Student Administration.  Permission from a staff member must be obtained before checking for a missing item. 
  • Unclaimed, unmarked uniform items are donated at the end of each term.