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Stage 1 English Literature

In Creative Arts, students actively participate in the development and presentation of creative arts products. 

Stage 1 – English Literature Year 11

SACE Credits

10 per semester

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Successful completion of Year 10 English at a minimum B grade achievement level.

Course Content

Students will undertake learning and assessment in the following areas:

Responding to Texts

  • The Importance of Being Earnest (play) – Oscar Wilde

  • Poetry – Student Negotiated

  • The Road (novel) – Cormac McCarthy

  • Macbeth (play) – William Shakespeare

Creating Texts

  • Narrative

  • Spoken Word

Intertextual Study

  • About a Boy (novel) – Nick Hornby

  • About a Boy (film) – Chris and Paul Wiez

  • Student Negotiated texts

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • analyse relationships between purpose, audience, and context, and how these influence texts and their meaning

  • identify ways in which ideas and perspectives are represented in texts

  • analyse how language and stylistic features and conventions are used to convey ideas and perspectives in texts

  • create oral, written, and/or multimodal texts for particular purposes, audiences, and contexts

  • identify and analyse intertextual connections

  • apply knowledge and understanding of accurate spelling, punctuation, syntax, and conventions


Stage 2 English Literary Studies; Admission to any university course, especially language rich subjects and English majors at tertiary level and for TAFE studies.

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