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Stage 1 General English

Stage 1 – General English (Year 11)

SACE Credits

10 per semester

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Successful completion of Year 10 English or equivalent.

Course Content

Students will undertake learning and assessment in the following areas:

Responding to Text Types such as:

  • Novel

  • Film

  • Poetry

  • Advertisement

Creating Text Types such as:

  • Narrative

  • Spoken word poetry performance

  • Descriptive writing

An intertextual study including a comparison of two texts such as a novel and film.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • develop communication skills through reading, viewing, writing, listening, and speaking

  • comprehend information, ideas, and perspectives in texts selected from social, cultural, community, workplace, and/or imagined contexts

  • identify and analyse how the structure and language of texts varies for different purposes, audiences, and contexts

  • express information, ideas, and perspectives using a range of textual conventions

  • create oral, written, and/or multimodal texts appropriate for purpose and audience in real and/or imagined contexts.


Students can study either English or English Literature Studies (if they achieve A grade in Stage 1 English) at Stage 2 level. English can be used for admission to any university course.  It is a very useful preparation for all courses, especially Arts, Humanities and Law at tertiary level and for TAFE studies.

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