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Stage 1 Modern

Stage 1 – Modern History ( Year 11 ) 

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of Year 10 History.

Course Content

Students undertake the following topics that explore the changes within the world since 1750:

  • Imperialism

  • Decolonisation

  • Revolution

  • Indigenous Peoples

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • understand and explore historical concepts

  • understand and explore the role of ideas, people, and events in history

  • analyse developments and/or movements in the modern world, and their short-term and long-term impacts

  • analyse ways in which societies in the modern world have been shaped by both internal and external forces and challenges

  • apply the skills of historical inquiry to examine and evaluate sources and interpretations, and support arguments

  • draw conclusions and communicate reasoned historical arguments


Stage 2 History. Future careers in historical research and writing, teaching, journalism, librarianship and archival management, government agencies, museums, cultural heritage and tourism, business administration, politics and publishing.

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