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Stage 1 Outdoor Education

Stage 1 – Outdoor Education (Year 11)

SACE Credits

10 per semester

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Students should have proven their commitment to Year 10 Physical Education.

Course Contents

Students undertake studies in each of the following areas:

Environment and Conservation
Planning and Management of outdoor activities and journeys
Personal growth and development

Learning Requirements

Students will develop their skills, knowledge and understanding for learning in natural environments:

Students develop an appreciation of their place in natural environments through learning experiences that take place in geographical locations. As they spend time learning in natural environments students develop a range of skills, knowledge, and understanding to support and manage safe, sustainable and responsive experiences in natural environments.

Students develop planning skills and consider risk management and relevant practical skills for outdoor experiences that enable them to travel in a safe and environmentally sustainable way through natural environments. Through these experiences students develop self-confidence and group skills to productively contribute to successful outcomes.


The three focus areas provide real life contexts through which students develop transferable skills in the following key areas:

Preparation and planning  
Managing risk
Teamwork and decision-making


Stage 2 Outdoor Education. Further study options include degrees in Sport, Health and Physical Activity, Teaching or further training in Fitness, Sport and Recreation.

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