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Stage 2

SACE Stage 2 – Business Innovation (Year 12)

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of at least one Semester of Stage 1 Business Innovation or Cert III Business recommended


Course Content

There are three key contexts:

  • designing business

  • sustaining business

  • transforming business

Students explore at least two of these contexts. Through these contexts, students develop and apply their understanding of the following underpinning learning strands:

  • innovation

  • decision-making and project management

  • financial literacy and information management

  • global, local, and digital perspectives

Students gain an understanding of fundamental business concepts and ideas, including:

  • the nature and structure of business

  • sources of finance

  • forms of ownership

  • legal responsibilities and requirements

Learning Requirements

The learning requirements summarise the knowledge, skills, and understanding that students are expected to develop and demonstrate through their learning in Stage 2 Business Innovation.

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • explore problems and generate possible solutions to meet customer problems or needs using customer-focused approach decision-making and project management

  • apply decision-making and project management tools and strategies in business contexts

  • create and apply business intelligence to iteratively develop and evaluate business models

  • analyse and evaluate the opportunities and challenges for business posed by digital and emerging technologies

  • analyse and evaluate, social, economic, environmental, and/or ethical impacts of global and local business

  • apply communication and collaborative skills in business contexts


This course provides students with preparation and understanding of the business environment for further study at University or TAFE in business related areas. It offers students business knowledge and skills to function more effectively in society.

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