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Stage 2

Stage 2 – Digital Photography (Year 12)

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of at least one semester of Stage 1 Digital Photography recommended

Course Content

This focus area of Digital Photography involves the use of materials, such as symbols, signs, behaviour, speech, light, images, sound, or other data to design and make products that communicate information. Students produce outcomes that demonstrate the knowledge and skills associated with manipulation of communication media, both manual and digital.

Examples of contexts for communication products include:

  • photography

  • graphics

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • investigate and critically analyse the purpose, design concepts, processes, and production techniques of existing products or systems

  • create, test, validate, modify, and communicate design ideas for an identified need, problem, or challenge

  • investigate, analyse, and use the differing functional characteristics and properties of materials, components, processes, and equipment to create products or systems safely

  • use the design process to select materials, components, processes, techniques, and equipment, to develop and implement solutions and ideas for products or systems

  • apply appropriate knowledge and understanding of skills, processes, procedures, and techniques to a range of technological activities

  • evaluate product or system development and outcome, and reflect on technological ideas and procedures used, with reference to the design brief

  • analyse the impact of technology


The pathway benefits for this subject include anything in the media industry, from graphic design, film, visual effects and games. Students will be exposed to a variety of Adobe applications, often used in industry standard work and the main software used in TAFE and University courses that are centred on this topic.

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