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Stage 2

SACE Stage 2 - English ( Year 12)


SACE Credits


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Minimum of C grade in Stage 1 English or B grade in Stage 1 Essential English required.

Course Content

Students will undertake three content areas:

Responding to Texts

  • Poetry

  • Novel

  • Film

Creating texts:

  • Narrative

  • Recount

  • Exposition (Advertisement)

  • Writer’s Statement

Comparative Analysis:

  • Between two independently chosen texts

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • analyse the relationship between purpose, context, and audience in a range of texts

  • evaluate how language and stylistic features and conventions are used to represent ideas, perspectives, and aspects of culture in texts

  • analyse how perspectives in their own and others’ texts shape responses and interpretations

  • create and evaluate oral, written, and multimodal texts in a range of modes and styles

  • analyse the similarities and differences in texts

  • apply clear and accurate communication skills.


English can be used for admission to any university course.  It is very useful preparation for all courses, especially Arts, Humanities and Law at tertiary level and for TAFE studies.

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