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Stage 2 

SACE Stage 2 – Modern History (Year 12)

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of at least one semester of Stage 1 History or Stage 1 Ancient Studies at minimum C grade is recommended

Course Content

Students undertake topics from the following:

  • Modern Nations – Germany (1918-48)

  • The Changing World Order (1945 – ) – Cold War and Its Consequences

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • understand and explore historical concepts

  • understand and explore the role of ideas, people, and events in history

  • analyse ways in which the development of modern world has been shaped by both internal and external forces and challenges

  • analyse interactions and relationships in the modern world, and their short- and long-term impacts on national, regional, and/or international development

  • apply the skills of historical inquiry to examine and evaluate sources and interpretations, and support arguments

  • draw conclusions and communicate reasoned historical arguments


History or Humanities/Arts degrees in Tertiary Study.

History also provides an opportunity to develop empathy, broaden worldview and evaluate perspectives, useful in most areas of life.

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