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Stage 2

SACE Stage 2 – Physical Education (Year 12)

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of at least one Semester of Stage 1 PE recommended.

Course Contents

The course consists of three focus areas:

  • In Movement: Through movement experiences, students must engage in thoughtful participation where internal reflection and articulation of learning progress can be established

  • Through Movement: Education ‘through’ physical activity is about students using movement to achieve the goals of 21st-century education, including personal, intellectual and social skill development.

  • About Movement: Education ‘about’ physical activity enables students to develop theoretical knowledge to understand the richness and diversity of movement experiences.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • apply knowledge and understanding of movement concepts and strategies in physical activity using subject-specific terminology

  • apply feedback and implement strategies to improve participation and/or performance in physical activity

  • reflect on and evaluate participation and/or performance improvement

  • apply communication and collaborative skills in physical activity contexts

  • analyse and evaluate evidence related to physical activity

  • evaluate implemented strategies and make recommendations for future directions


Stage 2 Physical Education; Provides essential background for the tertiary study of Human Movement, Sport and Clinical Exercise Science as well as TAFE Recreation and Sport courses.

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