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Stage 2 

SACE Stage 2 – Pyschology (Year 12)

SACE credits


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Successful completion of at least one Semester of Stage 1 Psychology at C standard is recommended.

Course Content

The subject consists of the following six topics:

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Social Cognition

  • Learning

  • Personality

  • Psychobiology of Altered States of Awareness

  • Healthy Minds

Learning Requirements

In this subject students are expected to:

  • describe the factors that cause psychological differences and similarities between people and give examples of how these factors affect the behaviour of self, others, and groups

  • search for, evaluate, and organise psychological information and use language effectively to communicate key ideas, understandings, processes, and values in a range of contexts

  • demonstrate an understanding of ethical research be designing, undertaking, and evaluating guided investigations

  • make informed decisions about issues, events, and situations in society by applying relevant psychological principles and ethics and Christian values

  • demonstrate critical reflection and organisation in the application of psychological principles, taking into account ethical and Christian considerations

  • analyse the behaviours of self, other individuals, and groups of people in different contexts in a way that recognises the values of independence and interdependence and dependence on God

  • undertake a variety of roles while working as a member of a team to achieve individual and shared goals


University options including Psychology and Teaching professions.

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