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Stage 2
Research Project
A or B

Stage 2 – Research Project A or B (Year 11 or 12)

SACE Credits


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Research Project A or B is a compulsory subject in the SACE. Students must achieve a C minus grade or better to successfully complete the SACE. Both versions calculate toward an ATAR required for university entrance.

Students that have not completed Research Project in Year 11 will be required to in Year 12.

Course Content

Students choose a research topic that is based on an area of interest, and a capability that is relevant to their research.

Students learn and apply the research framework:

  • initiating and planning

  • carrying out the research

  • producing the research outcome

  • evaluating the research

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • generate ideas to plan and develop a research project

  • consider the relevance of a chosen capability to their research

  • analyse information and explore ideas to develop their research

  • develop and apply specific knowledge and skills

  • produce a research outcome

  • evaluate their research


Invaluable for equipping students with research skills, a capacity essential for future tertiary study and future employment.

For achievement of the SACE, students require a compulsory 10 credits of Stage 2 Research Project with C grade or better.

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