Stage 1 – Year 11

SACE Credits

10 per semester

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Successful completion of Year 10 Science at a minimum C grade achievement level.

Course Content

The topics covered are:

  • Materials and their Atoms
  • Combining Atoms
  • Molecules
  • Mixtures and Solutions
  • Acid and Bases
  • Redox Reactions

Learning Requirements

In this subject students are expected to:

  • Apply science inquiry skills to deconstruct a problem and design and conduct chemistry investigations, using appropriate procedures and safe, ethical working practices
  • Obtain, record, represent, analyse, and interpret the results of chemistry investigations
  • Evaluate procedures and results, and analyse evidence to formulate and justify conclusions
  • Develop and apply knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts in new and familiar contexts
  • Explore and understand science as a human endeavour
  • Communicate knowledge and understanding of chemical concepts, using appropriate terms, conventions and representations.


A full year is necessary preparation for Stage 2 Chemistry. A single or double semester of Stage 1 Chemistry is also a good foundation for Stage 2 Biology. Stage 2 Chemistry is a university prerequisite for some courses including Science, Biotechnology, Dental surgery, Chemical Engineering and Molecular Drug Design