Stage 2 – Year 11 or 12

SACE Credits


Does this subject include an exam?



None prescribed

Course Content

Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology (Vetamorphus) is a national discipleship program focusing on raising up a generation of young leaders to reach beyond the potential they see in themselves.

Students are mentored and become involved in aspects of ministry and volunteer work in the community. Retreats are held over 3 weekends during the year and are a compulsory part of this certificate.

Five Values of Vetamorphus are:

  • gives validity to a student’s desire to grow in their faith whilst at school and recognizes ‘spiritual formation as the core of education’
  • is valuable, ensuring positive growth occurs in the student’s faith, personal integrity and leadership capacity
  • is a place to empower students and invites them to make informed decisions about their own faith
  • is diverse, meaning students from all denominations and church backgrounds can be involved
  • is available to students all across Australia and is not restricted by a person’s financial or geographical situation

Course duration

  • 2 hours per week at the Portside Christian College Trade Training Centre
  • Three weekend retreats
  • Full Year course


Christian Ministry, Teaching, Community Services, Aged Care, Counselling, Social Work Youth.

  • Full completion of this certificate contributes towards an ATAR