Stage 2 – Year 12

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Successful completion of at least 1 semester of Stage 1 Music and a moderate level of experience playing an instrument. A keen interest in music is essential.

Course Content

Music Explorations emphasises learning through exploring and experimenting with music. Through exploration of musical styles and influences, the elements of music, and how music is made, students process and synthesise the key learning that has taken place. Students develop musical literacy and engage critically and creatively with music through responding to their own and others’ works. This subject is flexible in its design, allowing individual and collaborative exploration options in performing, composing, arranging and exploring music technology. Through practical application of their understanding of musical elements, students learn to analyse and deconstruct music, manipulate sound and create musical works that express their ideas and emotions.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • develop and apply knowledge and understanding of musical elements in exploring and experimenting with music
  • explore and experiment with musical styles, influences, techniques, and/or production
  • apply musical literacy skills
  • analyse and discuss musical works
  • synthesise findings from exploration of and experimentation with music, and express musical ideas
  • reflect on and critique own learning within music

Notes: For the purposes of this subject, ‘explore and experiment’ refers to presenting (performing and/or composing) music. A performer is an instrumentalist and/or vocalist. A composer is a generator of original compositions or an arranger of existing compositions. Compositions may be original works or arrangements that are represented in notation or digital audio format.


TAFE or University pathways include Music Performance – Jazz, Classical or Contemporary, Composing and Arranging, Sound Technology and Recording, Music Education (Primary/Secondary Teaching, Instrumental Teaching), Music Ministry, and Business – Music Industry.