Stage 2 – Year 12

SACE Credits


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Successful completion of Stage 1 Advanced Music and a moderate level of experience playing an instrument. A keen interest in music is essential.

Course Content

Music Studies aims to develop a complete musician: performer, composer/arranger, musicologist, and critic. Students apply their knowledge and understanding of the elements of music, and musical conventions and styles, to develop and refine their musical works, their musical imagination, and their own ideas about and appreciation of music. Students create their own compositions, write arrangements, and craft performances of musical works. They reflect on and evaluate their own and others’ creative works. Through their studies, students develop and extend their understanding of music theory and standard notation, score-reading, aural skills and application of technical language in discussing and manipulating the elements of music.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • apply knowledge and understanding of musical elements
  • apply musical skills and techniques in developing, refining, and presenting creative works
  • apply a range of musical literacy skills, including aural perception and notation
  • deconstruct, analyse, and interpret musical works and styles, and manipulate musical elements
  • synthesise findings and express musical ideas
  • reflect on musical influences on own creative works

Notes: For the purposes of this subject, ‘presenting’ refers to performing and/or composing music. A performer is an instrumentalist and/or a vocalist. A composer is a generator of original compositions or an arranger of existing compositions. Compositions may be original works or arrangements that are represented in notation or digital audio format.


TAFE or University pathways include Music Performance – Jazz, Classical or Contemporary, Composing and Arranging, Sound Technology and Recording, Music Education (Primary/Secondary Teaching, Instrumental Teaching), Music Ministry, and Business – Music Industry.