Stage 2 – Year 12

SACE Credits

10 Credits (students must combine this with the 10 credit Stage 2 Music Performance – Ensemble subject)

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Successful completion of Stage 1 Music and a moderate level of experience on their instrument.  It is expected that a student studying any music performance subject at Year 12 should be undertaking private lessons with an instrumental teacher to maintain a suitable technical standard for this level of study. These can be organised through the College.

Students must combine this with the 10 credit Stage 2 Ensemble Performance subject

Course Content

Students develop and extend their practical music-making skills through performing works for instrument(s) and/or voice. They apply their musical understanding, skills, technique, and accuracy in refining and performing music, and in developing stage presence and skills in engaging an audience. Students analyse their chosen repertoire, and critique strategies to develop their performances, and reflect on and evaluate their performances as a soloist. They apply their knowledge and understanding of the style, structure, and conventions appropriate to their chosen repertoire, in crafting their musical performances, developing their musical imagination, and in communicating their own ideas about and appreciation of music.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • apply knowledge and understanding of style, structure, and conventions in performing musical works
  • apply musical skills and techniques in refining and performing musical works
  • interpret creative works and express musical ideas
  • develop stage presence and skills in engaging an audience
  • discuss key musical elements of their chosen repertoire
  • critique and evaluate own learning within music

Note: For the purposes of this subject a performer is an instrumentalist and/or a vocalist, and a performance may be solo or accompanied.


TAFE or University pathways include Music Performance – Jazz, Classical or Contemporary, Composing and Arranging, Sound Technology and Recording, Music Education (Primary/Secondary Teaching, Instrumental Teaching), Music Ministry, and Business – Music Industry.