Stage 2 – Year 12

SACE Credits


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Course Content

Students will undertake four content areas:

Folio: Focusing on Industry and Work Knowledge

Performance: Students undertake 50 to 60 hours of practical activities related to performance in either a VET or workplace context

Reflection: Students reflect on their practical experience in the workplace

Investigation: Students undertake either a practical investigation based on a product, task, or service related to their experiences of work and workplace contexts, or else an investigation of a local, national, and/or global issue relating to work and workplace contexts

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • understand and explain concepts of industry and work
  • analyse the relationships between work-related issues and practices in workplaces
  • demonstrate knowledge of the roles of individuals, government legislation and policies, unions, and employer groups in work-related and workplace issues
  • investigate the dynamic nature of work-related and workplace issues, cultures, and/or environments locally, nationally, and/or globally
  • demonstrate and apply generic work skills and, where relevant, industry knowledge and skills, in a workplace and/or work-related context
  • reflect on and evaluate learning experiences in/about the workplace.


Workplace Practices can be used for admission to any university course and it is useful preparation for TAFE studies or the workplace.