Our College Handbook (Staff) contains links to the College Handbook along with additional information related to the operation of the College, Policies and Principles for staff.

Table of Contents

LEVEL 1 – Purpose and Principles

Who is Portside?
Our Community
Our Values
Our Beliefs
Our History
Our Master Plan
Our Organisation

LEVEL 2 – Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

Our Curriculum
Assessment and Reporting


  • Planning Assessment Evidence
  • Benchmark Assessments
  • Monitoring Student Progress
  • Assessment Data
  • Awards


  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Student Academic Reports
  • Report Writing – Additional Information for Staff
  • Senior School Examinations
  • Absence from an Exam
  • Lateness
  • Exam Room Environment
  • Cheating
  • Electronic Devices
  • SACE Assessment
  • SACE Grades
  • SACE Performance Standards
  • SACE Assessments
  • SACE Assessment Drafts
  • SACE Submission of Assessment Tasks
  • Plagiarism
  • Task Extensions

School Performance Reporting

LEVEL 3 – Teaching and Learning

Teaching for Understanding

Classroom Culture, Management and Routines


Health and Safety

Animal Ethics

Resources and Equipment

  • Books and Stationery Requirements
  • Text Books
  • Lockers, Bags and Organisation
  • Student Mobile Phones
  • Student Internet Usage
  • Sport Equipment
  • Toys
  • Valuables
  • Buying, Selling or Swapping of Items
  • Lost Property

Photography, Recording and Student Copyright

Birthdays, celebrations and class parties

Student Wellbeing

Student Behaviour Guidance and Standards

  • The Restorative Approach
  • The KARR Framework – guiding student behaviour
  • The KARR Framework
  • Using the KARR Framework
  • The KARR Behaviour Continuum
  • Student Behaviour Guidance
  • Proactive Teacher Steps to Guide Behaviour
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Junior and Primary School – Restorative Practices
  • Student Behaviour Record
  • Related Policies:
  • DC02 Student Behaviour Management Policy

Student Wellbeing Management

  • Additional information for staff
  • Procedure for Managing and Reporting a Disclosure
  • Making a Mandatory Report
  • Quarantine of Devices
  • Child Protection Risk Management Strategy Plan
  • Child Safety Officer

Social Media and Use of Personal Devices

College Uniform

Parent Communication

Camps, Excursions and Special programs

Fundraisers and Events

Music Tuition

Library and Learning Resources

Film and Media

Budgets and Purchasing

School Banking

College Houses


LEVEL 4 – People and Culture

Management Structure

Staff Conduct

Human Resources

  • Hours of work
  • Working from home
  • Leave
  • Payroll
  • Outside Employment
  • Professional Learning
  • Appraisal and review
  • Devotions and Meeting Attendance
  • Staff Room
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Onsite identification and security
  • Yard Duty and Cover
  • Grievance and Restoration
  • Illicit Substances
  • Communication with Staff

Relief Teaching

Enterprise Agreement

Staff Health and Safety

  • Work Health and Safety Act
  • WHS Committee and Policies
  • Staff WHS Responsibilities
  • Hazardous Substances and Electrical Appliance Testing
  • Assessing Risks
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Working Safely
  • Staff Accident, Injury or Incident
  • Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation
  • Requirements of Staff, Volunteers, Contractors
  • Tidiness
  • Staff Medication
  • Staff Health
  • Care of Staff Children
  • Student Sickness of Injury
  • Staff Sun Protection
  • Related Policies (multiple):
  • Work Health Safety

Student Health and Safety

Parents and Friends



LEVEL 5 – Administration, Resource Allocation and Policies

College Strategic Plan


Fees and Charges

Information Technology and Devices


Student Information and Privacy


Term Dates


OSHC and Vacation Care