STEM is an approach that emphasises Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It encourages students to develop problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking and to apply technologies to work collaboratively on projects with real-world contexts.

In 2017 our College became one of five non-government schools to receive funding from the Advanced Technology Project to further develop our STEM focus and industry connections.

The College is proud to partner with AusOcean through the Network Blue Project where students build, deploy and maintain an AusOcean “rig”. This requires a mix of technical skills, communication skills, teamwork skills and complements our College science and technology programs.

For a list of STEM subjects available in Middle and Senior School, please see below:

2021 Year 9 and 10 Electives

Stage 1 – Science

Stage 2 – Science

Stage 1 – Business Innovation and Technology

Stage 2 – Business and Enterprise Technology

Stage 1 – Mathematics

Stage 2 – Mathematics