Student Behaviour, Guidance and Standards

Timeout or Detention as a Consequence

Teachers are to find the most effective, age appropriate way to encourage students to self-regulate and restore relationships before giving natural consequences.

If the behaviour results in the need for timeout or detention, the teacher giving the consequence must facilitate this time.  Timeouts or detentions are an opportunity for a restorative conversation to occur between teacher and student(s) as well as time for the student to reflect on how they can repair the damage done, restore affected relationships and uphold a KARR culture. 

Students should be encouraged to write reflections of the process.

It is not recommended student lose break time.

A restorative conversation is facilitated before students re-enter a situation where they have caused harm to others.

Restorative Conversation Scripts

Staff are trained in how to facilitate restorative conversations. (Hansberry, 2016)

Restorative conversations occur with individuals and/or groups with scripts available from the Student Wellbeing Team.

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