Student Information and Privacy

The College requires personal information about students and parents in order to operate efficiently. 

Related Policies and Links

Privacy Policy (College Community)  

College Records

The following records are kept in Administration:

  • Attendance Registers
  • Student Medical Records
  • Student Information Files (SIF)
  • Official forms
  • Parent contact list

Student information is available to staff through the Student Information Management System, Spider.

Student Information File’s are not removed from the Administration area.

Change of Contact and Personal Details

  • Parents are required to contact the College within 24 hours of any change to their address and/or phone number.  This includes work, mobile and emergency contact phone numbers.
  • If parents are away during the College term they must provide Administration with the contact name, phone number and address of the person with whom students are staying, in case of emergency.
  • Any other changes to contact or personal details should be provided as soon as possible so the College database can be maintained to 

Custody Arrangements

  • The Principal must be informed of any custody and access arrangements and be provided with a copy of any relevant court orders.
  • The Principal must be notified within 24 hours of any change to custody arrangements.
  • Change to custody and access arrangements should be forwarded to