The College has adopted the Understanding by Design (UbD) Stage 3 and WHERETO as a guide to implementing the learning phase of a teacher’s work. This is not prescriptive and teachers implement strategies that ensure teaching for understanding and to make learners thinking visible. It is the teacher’s responsibility to engineer differentiated learning opportunities that lead to authentic success for each student.


W – Where are we going

  • Let students clearly see what will occur in the lesson and make the expectations clear – refer to how this aligns with the unit goal and essential question.

H – Hook

  • Plan a way you will hook the attention and interest of students at the commencement of the lesson

E – Equip

  • Give explicit teaching

R – Reteach

  • Check for understanding – make thinking visible

E – Evaluate

  • Assess and evaluate if students have learnt and provide further opportunities to close the gaps in learning and understanding

T – Tailor

  • Tailor to suit individual needs and IEP’s – this is differentiation

O – Organisation

  • Take time to ensure you have all the necessary equipment and functional technology ready before the lesson commences
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