Use of College Bus for Excursions

  • The bus should be booked at least a month prior to an excursion through the Deputy Principal on the Camps, Excursions and Incursions Planning Form.  It should be noted that buses are booked in for servicing or DTEI inspections periodically.  To avoid clashes, see the daily College program in What’s On.
  • Staff need to make sure the appropriate supervision ratio for excursions is adhered to on the bus.
  • Staff are asked to have students ready to depart at the scheduled time.
  • Staff are to strictly supervise students while they are on a College bus, including supervising them as they get on and off the bus.  Supervision of students on the bus is the responsibility of the supervising staff, not the bus driver.  Drivers are instructed to stop the vehicle if student behaviour is not acceptable, and to not proceed until the problem is resolved.
  • Staff need to ensure that bus rules are followed, such as:
    • No food or drink is to be consumed while on the bus (except for bottled water).
    • All bags and equipment must be placed under the bus seats.
    • Students must keep all parts of their bodies inside the bus.
    • All passengers must have their seat belts fastened where fitted.  Staff are asked to check this prior to taking their own seats as drivers are liable for the safety of bus passengers.
    • Windows are to remain closed at all times in air-conditioned buses.
    • Wet clothes are not to be worn on the bus.  Students must change out of bathers or wet clothes prior to departing from a venue where a swimming activity has occurred, unless prior arrangements are in place.
  • When hired coaches are used, these will depart from and return to the parking bay on Bower Road.
  • Staff who transport College students in a mini bus must produce a copy of their small passenger vehicle driver accreditation.

Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

  • Staff are not permitted to transport students in private vehicles.
  • In extreme cases and/or emergencies, the Principal of the College may grant special permission to students to be transported in private vehicles.