The option of VET courses in Stage 1 and 2 is an important part of Senior School at Portside Christian College in providing students skills and knowledge for work.  Students are provided with opportunities to achieve full certificates or competencies towards a certificate.  These will form part of a student’s ongoing study toward completion of the SACE and/or beyond school as part of an ongoing apprenticeship/traineeship, application for further training or eligibility for University.

Portside Christian College students are able to access VET courses in a variety of industry areas. Through our partnerships with the Western Adelaide Trade Schools program, Trade Training Centres, TAFE SA and other Registered Training Organisations (RTO).

Students may incorporate VET courses within their subject selections from Year 11 onward and in some circumstances may do so from Year 10.

For most VET courses, students attend the relevant VET course provider one day per week.  It is the responsibility of the student to make appropriate travel arrangements on these days and negotiate with their subject teacher work that they miss so that they do not fall behind.  Subject teachers will make every endeavour to ensure that students are not disadvantaged when participating in a VET course by avoiding the setting of tests, exams, excursions or important practical sessions on VET days.

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VET Costs and Payment Scheme

The cost of VET courses varies and are not part of a student’s annual College fees. However, the College will contribute 50% up to a maximum of $1,000, toward the registration cost of a full VET course.  The College will contribute 30% up to a maximum of $400 towards a second VET course.

The VET Payment Scheme is as follows:

  • The College will pay upfront the full course registration fee on behalf of the student.
  • Parents will commence a reimbursement payment plan to the College for the amount owing.

Any additional costs for VET courses (e.g. safety boots, White Cards, PPE, goggles, make-up) become the personal possession of the student.  Therefore, these costs are not the responsibility of the College and must be paid in full by parents. The College’s VET Payment Scheme does not apply for students choosing to enrol in ‘VET Taster’ courses.

Any VET course enrolment through any RTO is subject to withdrawal penalty fees of which the College has no control. Therefore, a condition of enrolment will be that should a student withdraw or be required to withdraw from a VET course (e.g. lack of attendance, change of schools, non-completion of work), parents will reimburse the College the cost of any cancellation charges or full cost of the course, whichever applies. Students with outstanding VET course payments will not be eligible to enrol in a subsequent VET course under the College’s VET Payment Scheme.