Work Health Safety Policies are in place to protect the Staff, Volunteers and Contractors who attend our College.

WHS01 Terms of Reference for WHS Committee

WHS02 Work Health Safety Policy

WHS03A Hazards Near Miss Investigation and Reporting Policy

WHS03B Hazards Near Miss and Reporting – Contractors

WHS04 Accident and Injury Reporting and Management

WHS05 First Aid Policy

WHS06 Safety Audits

WHS07 Sun Safe Policy and Procedures (staff) (Refer to DC025 Sun Smart (Community) Policy also)

WHS08 Conflict Resolution and Grievance Procedure Policy

WHS09 Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision Policy

WHS010 Hazardous Substances Purchasing Storage and Disposal

WHS011 Manual Handling

WHS012 Return to Work Policy (Rehabilitation)

WHS13 Working Outside Regular College Hours Policy

WHS014 Non-Smoking Policy

WHS15 Plant Management Policy

WHS016 Staff Wellbeing Policy


WHS018 Critical Incident Management Policy

WHS019 Equal Opportunity Bullying and Sexual Harassment Policy

WHS020 Induction Policy

WHS021 Food Safety Policy

WHS022 Maintenance, Grounds and Asset Management Policy

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