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Learn more about SACE Stage 1

We endeavour to help each student reach their full potential through high quality education coupled with supportive relationships with parents and students.

How many subjects are in Stage 1?

Stage 1 subjects are offered and resulted as Single Semester subjects, each earning up to ten credits,  (please note this differs in SACE Stage 2) . Therefore students may change subjects in the second Semester or continue them over the full year.

What subjects are available at Portside Christian College in SACE Stage 1?

We offer a range of subjects in:

  • Interdisciplinary subjects (offered in Year 10)

  • Science 

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Research Project 

  • The Arts

  • Health and Physical Education 

  • Business and Enterprise Technology

  • Humanities and Social Sciences 


Comprehensive information on SACE subjects offered at Portside, including Vocational Education and Training options is available in our SACE Subject Guide.  

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