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Volunteering at Portside

Portside Christian College believes that volunteers can make a significant contribution to the life of the College Community, giving of their time, skills and resources for the benefit of others.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assisting at College Events

  • Assisting in the Classroom

  • Attending Class Excursions

  • Attending Sport Events 

  • Mentoring during school hours

  • Reading with Primary students

  • Sports Team Managing/Coaching/Assisting

  • Tutoring 

  • Walking with classes to local areas


Volunteer Selection


A screening process will be undertaken for all volunteers at the College.  All volunteers are appointed to roles in the College at the discretion of the Principal/Directors and in relation to the needs of the College at any given time.  All volunteers are to list at least two referees so that character checks may be conducted at the College’s discretion. 


Volunteer Application Process

  1. Complete the Volunteer Application form and Volunteer Information form and email to the College

  2. Provide a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) to the College which are required every 5 years for volunteers.  If you do not have a current one, please email the College with your name and date of birth to start the process as we can submit this on your behalf at no cost. You will need to provide 100 points of ID either online or to Administration. Clearance emails may take 3 – 4 weeks to arrive, when you receive your WWCC please email it to the College.

  3. Complete the online “Responding to Risk of Harm, Abuse and Neglect RRHAN-EC” training from this link. You will need to register under the Non Department for Education staff login, and we have found that it is easiest to access this training from a computer instead of a mobile device. On completion please email your certificate to the College.

  4. Complete the volunteer induction by reading the Volunteer Handbook and acknowledging your completion using the link on the last page. The Volunteer Handbook includes information on Responding to abuse and neglect, Work Health and Safety, Duty of Care responsibilities to students, Protective practices for staff in their interactions with children and young people, Confidentiality & Privacy requirements and training specific to the area of volunteer work.

  5. Referee checks will be made on each applicant before approval to volunteer is given by the College, as part of our duty of care and requirements of our insurance policy.

  6. Once approved, volunteers will be notified by email and can commence volunteer duties.​


If you would like more information about being a Portside Christian College Volunteer please email or phone the College on 08 8341 5133.

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