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Learn more about SACE Stage 2

We endeavour to help each student reach their full potential through high quality education coupled with supportive relationships with parents and students.

How many subjects are in Stage 2?

Stage 2 subjects are offered and resulted as 10 or 20 credit full year subjects. Students need to choose at least four 20 credit subjects (or equivalent) plus the Research Project to be ATAR eligible.

What subjects are available at Portside Christian College in SACE Stage 2?

We offer a range of subjects in:

  • Interdisciplinary subjects (offered in Year 10)

  • Science 

  • Mathematics

  • English

  • Research Project 

  • The Arts

  • Health and Physical Education 

  • Business and Enterprise Technology

  • Humanities and Social Sciences 


Comprehensive information on SACE subjects offered at Portside, including Vocational Education and Training options is available below.  

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