Stage 2 – Year 12

SACE Credits


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Minimum of C grade in Stage 1 English or B grade in Stage 1 Essential English required.

Course Content

Students will undertake three content areas:

Responding to Texts such as:

  • Song Lyrics
  • Short Story
  • Film

Creating texts such as:

  • Instructional Text
  • Advocacy Text
  • Exposition (Advertisement)

Language Study:

  • The language study focuses on the use of language by people in a context outside of the classroom.

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • extend communication skills through reading, viewing, writing, listening, and speaking
  • consider and respond to information, ideas, and perspectives in texts selected from social, cultural, community, workplace, and/or imaginative contexts
  • examine the effect of language choices, conventions, and stylistic features in a range of texts for different audiences
  • analyse the role of language in supporting effective communication
  • create oral, written, and multimodal texts that communicate information, ideas, and perspectives for a range of purposes.


Essential English can be used for admission to any university course and it is useful preparation for the workplace or TAFE studies.