Stage 2 – Year 12

SACE Credits


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Minimum of C grade in Stage 1 Mathematical Methods or General Mathematics recommended.

Course Content

Mathematics is much more than a collection of concepts and skills; it is a way of approaching new challenges by investigating, modelling, reasoning, visualising and problem-solving, with the goal of communicating to others the relationships observed and problems solved.

Students study the five topics listed below

  • Modelling with Linear Relationships
  • Modelling with Matrices
  • Statistical Models
  • Financial Models
  • Discrete Models

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of mathematical concepts and relationships, making use of electronic technology to aid and enhance understanding
  • identify, collect, and organise mathematical information relevant to investigating and solving problems
  • recognise and apply the mathematical techniques needed when analysing and solving a problem in context
  • interpret results, draw conclusions and reflect on the reasonableness of the conclusions in context
  • communicate mathematical reasoning and ideas to a variety of audiences, using appropriate language and representations
  • work both independently and cooperatively in planning, organising and carrying out mathematical activities


Prepares students for entry to tertiary courses requiring a non-specialised background in mathematics, employment or Studies in the Business area, Finance or self-Employment.