Stage 1 – Year 11

SACE Credits

10 per semester

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Study of Dance or Drama in Year 10 required.

Course Content

In Creative Arts, students actively participate in the development and presentation of creative arts products. These may take the form of, for example, concerts, plays and community performances. In negotiation with their teacher, students undertake specialized study in one or more practitioners’ roles including, but not limited to, actor, dancer, choreographer, designer, and/or director.

The following areas of study are covered:

  • Creative Arts Process
  • Development and Production
  • Concepts in Creative Arts Disciplines
  • Creative Arts in Practice

Learning Requirements

In this subject, students are expected to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of core concepts specific to relevant creative arts disciplines
  • investigate the nature and processes of working productively in the creative arts
  • demonstrate knowledge of working creatively, through an exploration of creative arts media, materials, techniques, processes, and technologies
  • apply practical skills, techniques, and processes to work creatively and productively for a purpose
  • work productively to develop and present their creative arts product(s)
  • communicate and reflect on creative arts ideas, processes, products, and opinions.


Stage 2 Creative Arts. Future study options include degrees in Creative Arts (Dance, Fashion, Visual Arts, Costume Design), Screen and Media, Visual Effects and Media and Film and Production